handiedanhera_no1c Collage artist Handiedan's mixed media artworks are a delicate cut and paste mixture wrapped in contemporary antiquity. She meticulously combines classic pin-ups and movie images with paint, ink, yellowed sheet music, old fashioned playing cards, money, stamps, Chinese papers, old wood, rusty metal and doodles as a playful mixture of filigree and a newfangled amalgamation of imagery.

Collage artist Handiedan is living and working in Amsterdam. Originally trained as a graduated photographic designer at the Academy for fine Arts and design in Breda, The Netherlands, Handiedan developed her working skills into graphic design and illustration throughout the years. Since 2008 Handiedan works as a full time self taught collage artist.

Her artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the world including Roq la Rue Gallery, Phone Booth Gallery, Spoke Art, Unit 44, Black Book Gallery and Mondo Bizzarro Gallery and has been featured in several magazines and blogs including HiFructose, Juxtapoz, IdN and Victionary. 

Handiedan's collages involve a complex cut and paste mixture of classic pin-up images. Intricate and meticulously crafted, the collages represent the gradual accumulation of layers. Over a backdrop of baroque and Victorian Neo-Classicism designs culled from international currencies and stamps, antique sheet music ornaments, playing cards, sigar bands, Asian papers and personal items, the artist fuses classic pin-up girl body parts, with the occasion recourse to digital wizardry, scissors and a steady hand to create her own version of beauty.

Handiedan builds up so many layers in her collages that the surfaces stand out in relief and it becomes a game to spot motifs that reappear from one work to another. The impish doodled avatar peppered throughout on the tattooed lushed pin-up girls with pen scratches and doodles all over the collage either on paper, old wood or rusty metal.