If you were to ask me to name my most favorite erotic artists of all time, classic or new, the work of Zoe Lacchei would consistently turn up at the top of my list. Passionate, sensual and full of animalistic lust, Zoe's dedication to her craft portraying provocative near-bestiality is absolutely stunning. Zoe Lacchei grew up in a small town near Rome, kind of a quiet place far from the chaos of the city, where her bashful and introvert character originated... probably originates and made her an atypical human being.

'Being isolated has given her a great abstraction and escapism ability, two characteristics which form the basis of her work as an adult. After high school, rather than attending regular academic courses, she focused on the subjects she loved the most, such as human anatomy and Japanese culture.  This last one has affected her enormously: she simply adores Japan, with its contradictions and oddities, with its great sense for the art of image, in a traditional and at the same time modern way, given by Manga, Anime and videogames.'