LIBIDO searches for the essence of human sexuality. The performance will act as a document which traces the different desires, experiences, behaviors and habits of three individuals on stage: provocative, extreme, uncensored and courageous. LIBIDO addresses our basic animal instincts – our aggression, our need and our desire to prove we exist and will continue to do so.



Concept: Dave St. Pierre
Choreography: Dave St. Pierre, André Gingras, Sylvia Camarda, Vincent Morelle
Performers: Sylvia Camarda, Vincent Morelle
Costume, light and stage design: Dave St. Pierre
Soundscape: Dave St. Pierre
Technical Director: Kees van Leeuwen
Video: Josanne Buiting

LIBIDO is a co production of Dave St. Pierre en St. Gingras in collaboration with Dance Works Rotterdam.
Supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL
Thanks to Julidans


Libido from Josanne Buiting on Vimeo.