Colin Cook and Bill Shambaugh
Drawings with Bill

"The idea behind this work is to collaborate with a non-artist, Bill Shambaugh, to combine the styles of two very different hands --one naive and one practiced-- within the same drawing. The meeting between our two styles provokes a strange unity in which the notions of high/ low, good/ bad, amateur/ professional are made equitable. Bill's untrained hand produces figures that feel like intrusions into the ordered world of academic drawing. In effect, then, this collaboration embodies a fundamental theme appearing throughout my work: that there be an internal dialogue within each piece that seeks to subvert and undermine itself. As humor blends with perversity, uncomfortable relationships are formed." (Colin Cook)

Colin Cook (b. 1968) lives and works in Paris. His works have been show in various group and solo exhibitions, e.g. at Mirko Mayer Gallery, Cologne and Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels.