In terms of getting out and having a beer with your friends, it's been a rough year. You've had to stare at the same wall, day after day, dreaming of some sort of social life that you may or may not of had before. Knowing how the 2020 vibe has been going, Juxtapoz & Lagunitas have teamed up to keep you creatively engaging while you are social distancing. We have checked in with 5 artists from 5 of our favorite cities to create 5 downloadable PDF's for you to create your own colorful interpretations from. If you share on Instagram, use the hashtag #BeerSpeaksPeopleDoodle or email your submission to [email protected] for a chance to win a print of the final colored version that these artists came up with (stay tuned for the color reveal). So without further ado... get doodling. CLICK ON IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DOODLE TEMPLATE!!! AND NOW CHECK OUT THE COLOR VERSIONS!! Final deadline for submissions is October 31, 2020 at Midnight PST!

Kristina Micotti—San Francisco
Kristina Micotti is an illustrator and designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her illustrations are playful, bold, and simple. She likes to create anything that makes her laugh. Download this file here or by clicking on image. 

7 Micotti bw 300dpi

Micotti Lag Color

Nazeer Sabree—Philadelphia
Nazeer Sabree is a contemporary African American artist from Philadelphia. From painting, digital art, illustration and local mural projects around the city, Nazeer’s work is generally and most notably focused on depicting the beauty and also the real life struggles of every day life and black culture. Download this file here or by clicking on image. 

5 nazeer lag co new 1 4

Screen Shot 2020 09 21 at 11.37.17 AM

Marisol Ortega—Seattle
Marisol Ortega is a first-generation Mexican-American designer, illustrator, and letterer living and working in Seattle, Washington. She is best known for her vibrant flora and fauna illustrations that play with texture, linework, bold color palettes, and organic shapes. Download this file here or by clicking on image. 

3 Lagunitas Black MarisolOrtega v2

Lagunitas Color MarisolOrtega v2 1

Kelly Breez—Miami
Kelly Breez works across many different mediums including illustration, tufting, sculpture and painting. Her work is about paying homage to the tropical "wasteland" and all of its eccentricities, with a sharp eye and some subtle humor. She is currently getting ready for a solo show in October at Primary Projects. Download this file here or by clicking on the image. 

1 KBxLagBW

Screen Shot 2020 09 21 at 11.36.44 AM

Anthony Lewellen—Chicago
Anthony Lewellen is a Chicago based art maker. In his formative years he was an innovative figure within Chicago’s graffiti culture and made a name for himself in the Midwest and beyond hallmarked by street work that featured a simple, bold palette and emotionally complex characters born out of direct observation and digestion of life in the city. Rooted in a love of drawing his work is always building upon a highly personalized visual vocabulary that continues to evolve and grow. His artist practice has come to include a growing body of large-scale, public murals, private commissions, and studio studio work. Anthony continues to live and work on the city’s north side. Download this file here or by clicking on the image. 

9 Lewellen Dog Walker B W revised

Lewellen Dog Walker color revised