Shorty after the opening his current show with Clare Rojas at the Watari-um museum in Tokyo, Barry McGee traveled to Ishinomaki to participate in the local Reborn Festival. Looking to give boost to the revival efforts of the area, the summer art, music and food festival near a location that saw massive tsunami damage in 2011.

Helped by his local friends as well as his friends and assistants from SF, McGee created one of his geo-pattern clusters on an abandoned local building as well as an installation made from objects found in the area. Put together in familiar fashion of makeshift installations we've seen in his previous major shows, this particular piece looks like a small shed with a Vespa scooter stored inside. Along with this iconic scooter, which McGee is a fan of, the install includes a vintage longboard, as well as little gems painted, drawn, written and installed around and inside the shack. True to his beginnings, his work carries the DIY feel of SF streets and alleys, which were now successfully transferred all the way to picturesque Japanese coastline. —Sasha Bogojev