I've always loved and admired the work of Brooklyn, NY based illustrator Autumn Whitehurst. When asked about influences, she states, 'Anything refreshingly beautiful is inspiring but I have my old standbys...the things that for so long have been an influence, I know they're deeply engraved into my psyche though I have yet to see them manifest themselves into my work. I love the drawings of George Grosz and Hans Bellmer, as well as Hokusai's sketches and woodblock prints. I'm also taken with the glamour of the Biba aesthetic and Yves Saint Laurent. I like to read old fiction as well, it's helps to shape that other reality in my head. I read not too long ago A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes just because there's a Henry Darger painting on the cover, and it ended up being one of my new favorites. And lastly, I have to give credit to my family and my boyfriend. They have high esteem for good craftmanship and I'm strongly influenced by their diverse interests in all things meaningful, beautiful and tasty.' via