Marcel Dzama is a bit of a Renaissance man. He paints, draws, makes his own costumes, art directs videos and has created a visual universe that is uniquely his own. When we last spoke with Dzama in our February 2017 issue, we noted his work was a mixture of "surrealism, Dada, Duchamp, 1950s literature and punk rock, streams the consciousness of who we are and where we are going. He is the old soul with modernity at his fingertips."

When we teamed up with If You Were Here Now, we knew Dzama was a perfect artist for a tutorial and art therapy session. His music choices and topics are always so specially produced, distinct with a certain aesthetic that can only be from the hand and mind of Dzama. Today, the Brooklyn-based artist will teach us how to draw a bat, a feature that shows up in his fine art work frequently. Bats are known to symbolize death and rebirth, often referred to as “Guardians of the Night.” In a moment in our global consciousness that has both extreme travesty and a need to understand our future growth, we are happy to share this video today.

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Video edits by Fiftth Wall TV