This painting, 'Philosophy in the Bedroom' (1947) by by surrealist painter René Magritte is a combination of two earlier paintings; Hommage to Mack Sennett and the Red Model series. The title is taken from Marquis de Sade's Philosophy in the Bedroom (1795) which begins: TO LIBERTINES: Voluptuaries of all ages, of every sex, it is to you only that I offer this work; nourish yourselves upon its principles: they favor your passions, and these passions, whereof coldly insipid moralists put you in fear, are naught but the means Nature employs to bring man to the ends she prescribes to him; hearken only to these delicious Promptings, for no voice save that of the passions can conduct you to happiness. Lewd women, let the voluptuous Saint-Ange be your model; after her example, be heedless of all that contradicts pleasure's divine laws, by which all her life she was enchained.