New Normal One in Oakland, CA

April 03, 2015

Guerrero Gallery recently announced a new series of shows to be held in Oakland, CA. For the next three months, they will be occupying the 3,000 square foot space at 4115 Telegraph Avenue (New Normal Brewery), a temporary gallery and creative space. For this three show series, they will focus on highlighting the artist communities in Oakland, San Francisco, and the Bay Area as a whole while engaging in a dialogue about the current changes within these communities. Their first show in the series, "New Normal One,"  focuses directly on Oakland. Oakland has been experiencing a major development within the community of arts for many reasons, one being the change of economics within the bay area. Oakland has been a very affordable city where there is a potential for growth. One area of growth has been very evident within the artist community. This show will be a reflection of that growth and it's relations that if forms.

Works will focus on flourishing community in Oakland and creating a visual dialog amongst neighbors. All artists are currently working and living within Oakland and represent a portion of a colorful environment.