"The art that I create confronts the carnal aspects of the human condition directly by examining fear, pain and lust through archetypal imagery and the threat of real visceral experience.  The form of each sculpture is meant to compel the eye toward closer examination while simultaneously arousing fear and erotic desire as the function is comprehended.  The sculptures invoke scenes of violent sex and death, while the eye is forced to trace the organic structures and primal patterns that compose them in a mad ecstasy of autonomic polarities.
The danger and madness that these sculptures convey appropriately characterize the process by which they are created. My work is done in ritualized states of altered consciousness through the sublimation of mental illness and various intoxicants until a frenzy takes over. Chainsaws, welders, blowtorches and all manner of screaming power tools and toxic chemicals are employed in these states of ecstasy.  From the first act of cutting down the trees to ceremoniously filming the perversely sensual function, passion and panic mingle in an experiment at the precipitous edge of human experience.  And these sculptures are the artifacts brought back as plunder from the abyss.” -Killian Skarr