New Envelople Portraits by Mark Powell

September 12, 2012

After having rotated through a hundred jobs or so, U.K. Based artist Mark Powell, enrolled in University courses by sheer accident. After viewing there studio facilities, he decided to do art full-time. Since then, he has been able to capture the world as he sees it everyday.


Using his cell phone, he takes photos of people walking the street and riding the tube or bus. He does so while remaining unnoticed; no egos or megalomania, no sense of self-importance or grandeur can be seen but simply a life being lived.


When asked about his process, Mark says he makes “each person as important or irrelevant as the next. A face that is devoid of a clear emotion gives an ambiguity that is simple and intriguing, it shows the signs in scars of travel and an uncontrolled gaze; a life lived. The canvas of vintage envelopes holds the same qualities, travel scarred and mysterious, common and used by everyone just like the biro pen that I use.”