Natalia Rak's Legend Of Giants

October 07, 2013

Polish street artist, Natalia Rak, created this piece entitled, The Legend of Giants, a young girl in traditional Polish garb, watering a local tree.  Rak seems to have broken through a lot of trends in public art as of late, adding a clearly present feminine emotion to her work, essentially telling a story.  An exaggerated soft-tone fills the side of this 4-story building, almost as if the piece had brush strokes, not sprayed.  Which feels unfamiliar when compared to the more mechanical or deconstructed work we see today.  From the almost life-like reflection of the watering can to the small detailed freckles on a curious little girl’s face, Rak is seriously on to something. This gem is on the corner of Aleja Józefa Piłsudskiego 11/4, if you want to stop by. –JGA

See more of Rak's work here: nataliarak.blogspot.com