Yoke Lore Combines his Visual and Audio Passions

September 27, 2017

Yoke Lore is the new musical venture of Adrian ​Galvin, previously of Yellerkin​ and Walk the Moon​. Galvin grew up in an artistic family, his mother a director and his father an actor and sculptor. He was immersed in painting, photography, and ballet from an early age, eventually finding his first musical passion in the drums. While pursuing music, his artistry in other disciplines has not faltered, even lending his own artwork as the cover of his 2016 debut EP. An artist in all regards,

Galvin explains the connection between his music and visual art, and shares a new piece exclusively with Juxtapoz.
"I write songs as a therapeutic project. I take ideas and issues that I'm trying to work out, and I dig into them. I try to find the root of instincts that I have. I take these explorations, and I try to map out my experience - not necessarily into a story or a narrative, but as a movement. I try to be sincere. I try to be clear. It may be slightly self-centered, but my favorite pieces of art have been movies or songs or stories that I could see myself in, that gave me real insight into my own life or the way I thought about the world. I want to give context and meaning to ideas that are hard to articulate, but I want to use language people can understand. I want to find noble truths in my mundane life. My creative process is physical. I draw reason from rhythm. I care about how words feel in my mouth. I am a drummer through and through, and I always start with pattern and movement. Singing for me is drumming. Playing banjo is drumming. Walking down the street is drumming. I write to support beats we all feel in a primal way. 

"I draw while I write to give myself more room. It's not so much that it clears my mind as that it helps me map out movement. Even though the drawings are small and monochrome and nonsensical to most, they are all like mini maps for me - ways to move through time, space, and feeling. Each stroke is a way in. Each line is a way through." 

Yoke Lore's "Goodpain" EP is available now, listen below.