World Premiere: Autolux's "Change My Head" Music Video

January 15, 2016

Los Angeles trio Autlolux has their third album on deck, which will drop this spring on Danger Mouse's new label. In the meantime, enjoy the world premiere of the shapeshifting, psychedelic-dreamscape music video for their single, "Change My Head," with animation by Thomas McMahan.

About working with Autolux, McMahan said, "They have high expectations for the work and a respect for the craftsmanship involved. I felt that experimental animation using 3D motion capture could really match both the emotional and technical qualities of the song." 

Autolux’s previous releases created dark textures built around raw, inimitable beats. Their music always seems to convey undertones of sensuality, a characteristic enhanced by mysterious animated visuals. Their allure lies in their ability to create a hauntingly beautiful world that is experimental, yet still familiar, and this new video is no exception.