Tiger Army's "Dark And Lonely Night" Music Video Premiere

August 18, 2017

Juxtapoz is premiering Tiger Army's video for their new song "Dark and Lonely Night." The new video, which is inspired by the iconic photography of Troy Paiva, complements the classic tone and style of Tiger Army.

Nick 13, founding member and frontman of Tiger Army, shared his experience working with Troy Paiva and Casey Curry to create the video:

"I’ve long been a fan of the nighttime photography of Troy Paiva. In my mind, his aesthetic of midcentury decay combined with an otherworldly, nocturnal feel has many parallels with Tiger Army’s music. I’ve wanted to do a music video inspired by his work for at least a decade. With Troy as a consultant, director Casey Curry rose to the challenge of translating the initial visual inspiration between mediums. The techniques, which involve extremely long exposures and light painting, made this far more challenging than a move from still photography to video might initially suggest. Casey brought an incredible eye as both a director and a photographer in his own right, along with many creative elements and the technical know-how to make things happen when there was no roadmap. The visual has always been of distinct importance to this band; I couldn’t be happier with the realization of this longtime wish of mine."