The Mixtape App

November 30, 2012

Lindsay, your sophomore-year crush, may not have realized how much attention and pupose went into putting "Girlfriend" and "Just Like Heaven" back to back on that tape you tossed to her and couched as "just some cool songs" as she dropped you off after group study at the library. But that was years ago, and that tape and the heartbreak are long gone. Enter Mixtape.

Mixtape is a cross-service digital throwback to the once ubiquitous cassette mix, reviving the lost art associated with the 80’s staple of friendships, first dates, breakups and makeups. Available on the iTunes app store, Mixtape taps into either Spotify or Rdio for tracks, letting users capture and send a sentiment or message with a hand-picked selection of tracks, custom title and cover art . From there, mixes can be shared them through Facebook and Twitter. And because Mixtape works across streaming services, Spotify users can seamlessly send mixes to Rdio users and vice versa. Mog and Deezer are in the works, too. Now, 20 years later, it won't matter that Lindsay's on Rdio and you're on Spotify. Now only if she'd accept your Facebook invite.

Check out Juxtapoz on Mixtape and download it yourself on iOS devices at: