Stanley Donwood "Terrordome" Print for Radiohead Tour Dates

October 10, 2012

Stanley Donwood, the Bath, England-based fine artist who is also the visual artist behind Radiohead, just released Terrordome, a new print in conjunction with Radiohead's tour dates in London this past week. If you made the shows, well, you are lucky. If you didn't, you can buy the print in Donwood's webstore...

A 4 colour hand-pulled screenprint in an edition of 188
280 gsm acid-free archival-quality paper
480mm x 640mm

A new limited-edition screenprint to commemorate the occasion of Radiohead playing a gig at the structure formerly known as 'The Millennium Dome' on land formerly known as Bugsby's Marshes near Greenwich in South London, on the 8th and 9th October 2012. The Dome was designed by Richard Rogers and is one of the largest structures of its kind in the world. In this print the Dome is shown overgrown with trees and with a chromotographic blend of ink, referencing the toxic sludge that had to be cleared from the marshes before construction could begin. The Dome has been referred to as 'a colossal monument to the doublethink of our times...