S.O. Terik @ Lollapalooza 2012

August 14, 2012


Our good friends at S.O. Terik provided an extra dose of art at this year's Lollapalooza, creating the Perry’s Container with a powerful group of artists from Los Angeles. Known as the S.O.TERIK artists, the team traveled to Chicago to collaborate with the top talent in Chi-Town in an unbelievable collaboration art installation project combining 14 contrasting styles of art on one landmark.

Here is what the S.O. Terik team had to say... and check their blog for all there pictures!

From the lakeshore to Michigan Ave, the Lollapalooza invasion of Grant Park, in downtown Chicago was complete. The troops at C3 had secured the site, readying it for the 150 music acts and the near 300,000 people that would party behind these gates over the next 3 days. And the crew, the 6 artists of S.O.TERIK, were smack in the middle of the action. Poised at ground zero, the entrance to Perry’s World, their mission and that of their 6 Chicago collaborators was clear: take a plain 40ft container, and over 3 days transform it into an edifice, a testiment to the 10s of thousands -the power of art, music and love. R.P.M.

Arriving Thursday night, the crew head straight to Logan Square Auditorium, where S.O.TERIK and FILTER Magazine are throwing a Lollapalooza kickoff party. This ole’ school auditorium rocked all night with the bands Twin Shadow, Neon Indian and Passion Pit D. The crew hand out t-shirts of their own designs and launch a new, male line of clothing -T.RANT CHIL LA. Check it out-it’s hot. Everbody danced their butts off and left with something cool. Back to the hotel-tomorrow is going to be a busy day.


It’s Friday morning and the LA crew and CHItwn have their plan. Divide the containter into 8- 10x10 ft panels and show the world what they are about. It’s hot-near 100 as the crews bring things to life with distictly different styles and medium.Throughout the 3days, artists, in project TAKE((P))ART will man a booth, painting t-shirts for a great charity “Life Rolls On” It goes to kids with spinal cord injuries, allowing them to do things that we all take for granted-surf, sail ride a bike As day 1 comes to a close the crowd builds, at times dynamic-wild, sensing that somenthing is definately going down. A long day-back to the hotel. No time for rest. Off to the aferparty at Logan Square. Once again S.O.TERIK and FILTER Magazine pulled out all the stops with a bang-up musical lineup including Grimes, The Big Pink, and THENEW02. They killed it, the house went crazy. If she has’nt already, THENEW02 is definately breaking out. Proud of their designs, the crew handed out shirts and plenty of swag. S.O.TERIK showed it’s new line of clothing for girls- CHOP SIOUXY. The stuff is out front-way ahead of the curve. No more parties. The crew can rest. 2 more days.


It”s Saturday and the crews are boogying-and whats unfolding is becoming clear. CHItwn, beneath this urban milieu express themselves untilizing different styles-pure, unfiltered-unpasturized. LA, in a coordinated message is giving an ode to the ole’ schoolvibe. To vinyl, to roots to pregentrified hiphop-not digital bits of corporate commercialization. R.P.M. Near completion, the weather forecast is for 70mph winds, horizontal rain, lightining and hail. It’s 330pm and the festival is cleared. (not an easy task with a couple of 100,000) After tarping their work, the artists are the last to leave the park. The massive storm hits as the artists hit Michigan Ave and try to hail a cab-along with 10,000 other people. Forget about it. Some find shelter behind a bus stop. Others find refuge in hotel lobbys, behind trees. Definately an experience. The park is reopened at 630pm The headliners go on-everybodys soaked, but happy.


Sunday morning, the final day. The two days of hard work have survived last nights deluge and the crews are anxious to finish. By mid-afternoon the work is complete. On the CHItwn side, CZRPRZ & SoloRM teamed up to paint a stylish portrait - a plea for peace. Don’tFRET and Christina Long’s post-urban petroglyph was raw, compelling without guile. Perhaps the most interesting, Tess Kissner and Reuben Aguirre combined their different talents and medium to create a memorable montage. And out of the crowd (kismet?)filling in for absentees, in a TAKE((P))ART freestyle showcase Fresco’s Che Quevara, skillfully done in spray brought home the theme. They came. They conquered.


Jason Lee and JP, on the LA side with their roots rendition illustrated that music will bring us together. Michael Buntyn, with his wingman Chubs showed the dawn of hiphop as an explosion of expression-straight out of the projects. I don’t know what was hotter; the 100 weather or Felifresh and her iconic image putting an !!! on the old school theme. Neneki McGee and Danielle Nicole produced a soulfull piece with a .timeless quality, a patina that imbued it with a certain gravitas. In all, the theme was clear R. evolution