Premiere: Corbo "Crack" (feat. Genevieve Artadi)

March 02, 2017

We're excited to premiere "Crack," the latest music video by Corbin Clarke (of Bür Gür repute) off his first solo project under the Corbo moniker. The album, Adrift, is characterized by lush beds of synthesizers, drums, lazy guitars. Corbo's debut vacillates between tones as nonchalantly as he drifts through the diverse art world of Los Angeles; perhaps a comment on a feeling of the mutual discord and internal conflict so omnipresent in these changing times. These songs belie an acute appreciation of ephemeral beauty colored by a gentle sadness. At once nostalgic and forward thinking, Adrift is a fresh collection of sounds punctuated (with an exclamation mark) by the vocal stylings of an interesting cast of the city's finest rising stars. Listen to the album here.

Video by Paul Plastic.