Ian Ferguson (AKA Hydeon) created this beautiful stop motion music video for "Every Wave To Ever Rise", a song from American Football's critically acclaimed new album American Football (LP3). Read on below to learn more Hydeon's painstaking process for the video, which was filmed at Hydeon's home while Beyond Studios provided technical support.

"This music video project was 10/10, one of the most difficult, challenging, and most beautiful creative projects I've ever been a part of. I felt like I was on a psychedelic trip for the entire duration, living in a miniature world. I felt like I actually became one of the characters as I animated their tiny limbs and pieces, one photo at a time. We existed in this miniature world for upwards of 18+ hours a day. I had the brownstone buildings pre-built from a solo show a few years ago and then realized they were perfect for the video (This helped enormously with the deadline). I made all the characters and items based on the scale of the brownstones. We filmed everything in my tiny brownstone apartment in Brooklyn, maybe 250 square feet, something like that, we blacked out my windows for the set lighting and Dylan and Dakota would always arrive in the morning at 9 am and then we would grind all day, filming, lighting, animating, building things on the fly when we needed them, and editing stuff all into the night, only leaving the apartment for 10mins a day sometimes to the outside world, just to get food or whatever. We would film 60 seconds of stop animation a day to reach our goal. We were solving countless problems around the clock and collaborating on ideas constantly. Once we were finished shooting, mostly around 11 pm or so, Dakota and Dylan would go home and then I would continue working, living on set, setting up the set for the next day, and then boom, sleep a few hours and then we would keep rolling through the next day. It was absolute insanity working and living in the set. When it was all said and done it literally felt like one night that lasted 7 days for me. I completely lost myself in the project, completely surrendered myself to it. Nothing else mattered beyond the film at that moment. We created 5000+ individual unique photos to make this thing. It was truly a magical and spiritual experience for me that I'll never forget." ––Ian Ferguson (Hydeon)

Hydeon is also going to be opening his latest solo show ZUM HELLES at Berlin's Studio 10-4 this Saturday from 6-11pm.