Music Video: (Charles)Book&Record "Pointing South"

November 14, 2012


In case you were recently perusing photos of this last Halloween and feeling nostalgic about pseudo-creepiness and absurd get-ups, there are ways to bring yourself back to that time. If you are a fan of fine literature, an Edgar Allan Poe a short story is a perfect solution. If you prefer music videos, then this one provided by (Charles)Book&Record can potentially satiate your need.

Based out of San Diego, (Charles)Book&Record creates music that pulls from an array of influences and comprises of bandmates with various, unlikely backgrounds creating a sound can be described as "invigorating, densely-textured, darkly-melodic pop that owes as much to classic calypso, traditional song, and crooner-era swing as it does to 80's art-rock, Berlin School electronic music, and vintage R&B" (to quote their own self-description). The video itself (a first episode of a trilogy) explores an array of disjointed, strange and associational imagery that shudders from frame to frame with a visual stylization that very much mimics the bands sound itself.  For more info about (Charles)Book&Record, go here.