Veteran singer, songwriter and musician Jesse Harris has just announced the release of new album No Wrong No Right, out Feb. 10 on Dangerbird Records. We are happy today to show you the new video for the track, "Miyazaki," directed by Luis Ortega. Juxtapoz got both Harris and Ortega to talk about the video, and as you can see, the director gets right to the point.

Jesse: Luis Ortega is a great filmmaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we've been friends for many years. This is not our first collaboration, actually, because he featured me in his film Verano Maldito, performing my song "What You Wanted." His movies strike a balance between dreams and reality, and he's unafraid to take chances. For this video I didn't give him any direction; I trust his instincts implicitly and knew whatever he did would be artistic and fascinating. The entire concept was his. Coincidentally, the day before the shoot in Buenos Aires, Eva de Dominici, who stars in the video, happened to be in New York and called me up. We'd never met before and had a fun day visiting art galleries and hanging out in cafes. That night she flew to Argentina, arrived in the morning and went straight to the shoot.

I wrote “Miyazaki" while sick at home with a terrible flu last April. In a delirious state, I started playing the main riff, over and over, for about an hour. Later, I wrote the B section and decided the tune worked best as an instrumental. Each night I would watch a different Miyazaki film, so I decided to dedicate the song to the Japanese anime director. The album was recorded just a couple of weeks later; we put down the basic track of this song live and then percussionist Mauro Refosco overdubbed the marimba and electronics.

Luis: Who the hell knows where they come from. The images. I know they're good when I can't track them down. When there's dynamite on the bridge, and they don't represent anything but music.

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