JAY Z and Beyonce Make a Music Video Inside the Louvre in Paris for "Apeshit," and take on Western Art History

June 18, 2018

We are going to be honest, we aren't much of "hype" culture people, and almost 9/10 we will avoid a JAY Z and Beyoncé (aka The Carters) release. This is the 1/10 time, because you don't actually see a lot of people filming anything inside the Louvre, but that's what the Carters did for their new song "Apeshit." What's pretty cool is that perhaps the most famous African American artists of the 21st Century are taking on the history of European art, as the scene with both the artists staring at the Mona Lisa in the end is definitely highlighting. And there are some great shots by director Ricky Saiz of non-white art in the collection of the Louvre. All in all, even though we normally wouldn't highlight such a video, there is some fantastic undertones throughout, with both interjecting some thoughtful examinations of how Western museums highlight and collect art. This might be better than the Ron Howard in the Louvre moment.