Glasser's "Interiors" x Jonathan Turner

January 27, 2014

For Glasser's 2013 album "Interiors," the artist enlisted New York-based visual artist Jonathan Turner to design the album artwork and direct the music videos. A chrome, silver-like essence flows through both videos and is the most striking visual element of the album artwork. Fluidity is another major theme in the direction of the artwork. Glasser (Cameron Mesirow) comments, "I think that regardless of structure, personalities are completely fluid...we are fluid, and fluidity is all around us."

Turner on the album and video art:

“For me, concrete and chrome are really the signature manufacturing materials for developing this technique to get this perfect, fluidly manufactured object,” he explains. “Cameron brainstormed this object that comes in and almost attack her, not aggressively but as an alien object. I think originally she thought it would be some sort of energy object… but I thought that might be too difficult to really make it look amazing. Then I started thinking about the sculptor Brancusi — his sculptures are really organic but they’re also really objects, design almost. I feel like he really inspired designers, using what became a more modern method.”

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