Foster the People "Pseudologia Fantastica"

June 23, 2014

We are excited to premiere Foster the People's newest video "Pseudologia Fantastica," a track from their much anticipated second album Supermodel which was released this March. The brilliant animation comes from the mind of Mark Foster himself!

"The idea for this popped into my head while I was driving through Cuba. Originally I had wanted the music video to be half animation and half performance. I was traveling with a director friend of mine and was picking his brain about some practical film tricks to help merge the two worlds (real life and animated). I ended up deciding that full animation would be a more cohesive world to live in and scrapped the performance part of the video. The imagery came as fast as I could write.

Part of it was inspired by my surroundings. We drove past dilapidated billboards of Che Guevera looking infinite and militant, set to the text of some old communist slogan; swerving to miss pot holes and the occasional cow. I spoke to highly educated locals forced into working menial jobs because they couldn't live off of their monthly allowance provided by the state. At the same time I could feel their hope, passion, and desire to create freely, set against one of the most vibrant and beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. People lived off the land but could barely stand straight - posture buckling under the strong, unrelenting hand of the government. These are some of the images that fueled the video. It was enlightening to see the similarities between our two governments, after only being aware of the differences. Cash is king. "

Concept and Direction by Mark Foster
Additional Direction and Animation by Hannes/Johannes

Foster the People also announced their new Fall US tour dates today, including shows at New York's United Palace Theater and the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Pre-sale tickets will be available this Wednesday, June 25th. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 27th at 10am. Full dates and info at