Contorted Robot Dancing in New Video for Orson Hentschel's "Montage of Bugs"

November 07, 2017

Osron Hentschel is premiering his new video for the song "Montage of Bugs" here on Juxtapoz. A talented composer and pianist, Hentschel incorporates a huge array of influences in his compostions, mixing and reimagining them from the stylistic standpoint of classical minimal music. In this video, he worked with Matthias Danberg to craft a video that matches his experimental music perfectly.

Hentschel provided some insight on the video: "After the cover artwork for "Electric Stutter" was decided to be a 3d-rendering of a human head, I wanted to have in parallel a music video which was entirely computer-animated. While performing last year at the art and design festival "die digitale Düsseldorf" I had the chance to see a film of the video artist Matthias Danberg. I was impressed by his visual language and felt that he was the right person to make the music video. I sent him the track "Montage of Bugs" shortly after the festival and we met in order to exchange ideas. It was a very smooth process, we had similar ideas and after a few follow-up meetings the concept was finished. We decided to draft a future scenario in which the main character could be an avatar moving through a virtual world. Using light and shadow we wanted to create a dancing shadow play of the future to come."