"Bat Face Girl" Animated by Teppei Ando

June 02, 2016

Hotel for Strangers is an LA band and the first music video from their new album, out next month, is "Bat Face Girl," directed by artist Teppei Ando. Spend the next three minutes experiencing a day in the life of a bat face girl.

Teppei Ando has also made charming animations for Sonny and the Sunsets' music vids. We love when an artist shares the personal connection behind their work, and Ando revealed an honest backstory about his process for "Bat Face Girl."

"I was given the option to choose a song I thought would best suit a video, and it was pretty easy to choose 'Bat Face Girl' because there was a clear character, and the song gives a sense of isolation and looking onto life from a perch. I had just moved to LA and was going through a lot of personal issues myself, so I projected a lot of what I was feeling onto the character, and it seemed to gel with the way Hotel for Strangers saw the character. I have to say it was a little hard to work on though, because it was reminding me too much of what I was going through. I was really homesick and upset about isolating myself from my friends back in Oakland. So there was actually a gap in working on the video. I came back to it when I was feeling better about it. Luckily, timing was on our side, and hopefully it worked to the video's advantage. Not a process I would recommend, but it actually worked for this song."  

This goes to show that good art comes from struggles. You'll see that the bat face girl goes through a similar emotional trajectory, the only difference is she's surrounded by animals. This multi-layered animated creation is deceptively simple and a really sweet story.