Mountain Hut Located on Europe's Highest Peak

September 16, 2013

The Efuge du Gouter is a self sufficient hut located on Europe's highest peak and is meant to house mountaineers after they reach the end of their climb. A helicopter was used to transport materials, wood was cut from nearby forests and the 69 pilings anchor the structure 12m into the mountain rock. Withstanding winds up to 300 km/h the building also as a melting unit to keep off the snow!

via designboom

"designed by swiss firm group h in collaboration with french firmdecalaage, the self-sufficient building sits at 3,835m. overhanging the 'aiguille du goûter' (goûter needle) it offers stunning views across the rocky alpine terrain. made from a wooden structure with metal cladding, the 720m2 hut is designed on four levels and can accommodate up to 120 people - it contains sleeping dormitories, cloakrooms, foyer, store and 'engine' room, communal living areas, a kitchen and in particular, a dining room with panoramic views. a helicopter was used to transport prefabricated modules to the site's unusually high location, that were then assembled on site like a game of lego. in order to limit co2 emissions associated with the transportation, the wood was cut from forests in the nearby region of st gervais. the location is exposed to winds that can exceed 300 km/h, so extremely strong foundations were designed to secure the structure to the ridge - they comprised of 69 pilings anchored into hard rock, with an average depth of 12m.