More Murals Get the Buff in Los Angeles

May 17, 2012

A delayed mural ordinance is creating confusion and frustration amongst artists, and building owners in Los Angeles. A recent wall painted by Zes, Push, Chris Brand, and Evan Skrederstu was painted over to serve as a backdrop for a production company, while another wall painted by Sand, Vyal, and Cope2 was buffed out by orders of the LAPD saying it was illegal to have a mural or graffiti piece on their property. Everyone has his or her own aesthetic interpretation to what is a mural, and what is graffiti. So, everyone’s confused as to what is ok and what is not, and for now, anything can fall victim to the buffman. Saber has some great viewpoints on the topic. Check him out.


jux_mural3 jux_mural2