MOMO "Butt Joints" @ May Gallery, New Orleans

Dec 13, 2013 - Jan 25, 2014May Gallery, New Orleans

In the August issue, we featured the fantastic abstract mural works of MOMO, and have long been fans of the NYC and New Orleans based artist. He just opened a solo show at May Gallery in New Orleans, and from what we have read, May is a " araw bunker-like space by the St Claude Rail Yard, perfect for oversized installations." And just so you don't start laughing, "Butt Joints describes the method of marrying plywood together that will help us build something large yet simple within May’s space. Paint applied to these wooden forms will demonstrate my mural techniques and concerns, with the aim of revealing something about paint in space and our sensual experience of it."

Butt Joints is a solo exhibition comprised of all new context specific artwork. MOMO's current creative trajectory has led him further into color theory, abstract geometric constructions, and layering. MOMO's work is typically considered outdoor art, or work made for the public, lending to its broad accessibility and popularity. Additionally, his work isalso visually and conceptually accessible, making it easy and enjoyable to view and relate to. His exhibition at May will consist of a floor to ceiling wall mural, colorful large scale hanging sculptures, paintings on canvas, prints, and signed limited edition zines.

For more information: themayspace.com