Mike Shine "Flotsam's Harvest," Chapter 1

February 11, 2013

As we have already shown you on the site in recent weeks, Mike Shine is the cover of our March 2013 issue. For the interview, though, there was a tiny problem. Mike didn't show up. Instead, we were left with the infamous Dr Flotsam, and as part of the Shine exhibition, Flotsam's Harvest, Shine and team are releasing chapters of a companion book for the show. Here is a message from Mr Flotsam..

"Today I have asked Mr. Shine to post Act 1 of his book Flotsam's Harvest. And I'm sending you a limerick written (in goat blood for creepy/dramatic effect) as invitation to solve my riddle posed in the book. The World Riddle, as it is called, will be revealed over the 10 acts of the book, with clues and coded hints provided within. Additional clues will be revealed in frequent online postings, and in the paintings that will be exhibited at Mr. Shine's show in March. I have asked Mr. Shine to create several paintings to be offered as prizes to anyone who can solve my riddle. He will be posting a new chapter each week, and I will be follow each posting with tips and hints at their meaning. I do hope you will be able to accept my challenge, and play along. Thank you so much for your time. Kind regards, Dr. Pyotr (Flotsam) Mastolf Ilyas."


(PS: The book may be found at Flotsamsharvest.com. Updated hints, clues, and musings, can be followed at Facebook.com/flotsamsharvest)