Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG "Desire" Video by Antony Hoffman

December 05, 2012


Even if you can't singularly define desire, we all know what it feels like. To be transfixed and mesmerized by a person, place, sound, smell, or in this case object, so-much-so that everything else disappears. And in that moment, only you and that thing exist.


Dougary Scott effortlessly navigates his day-to-days until an SLS AMG Gullwing shoots by, stopping him dead in his tracks. He glimpses the driver--himself. And there he is in the vacuum, accelerating from zero to sixty in 3.6 seconds and harnessing the power of a 583hp handcrafted V8. Most of us will never be so lucky as to pilot this elegant beast but this video can at least give us that momentary voyeuristic feeling.


Also, this car is the closest real-world equivalent to the flying Camero on the '80s cartoon show, MASK. Super awesome.