Mercedes-Benz and the new CLA's "Untamed" Installation, Paris

May 17, 2013

Countless Instagram photos are created every second. Photos that reflect particular points of view in the life circumstances of different people.But which motifs are really unique? Mercedes-Benz and the new CLA were looking for Instagram photos with that uniqueness. That are new. “Untamed”.

Users from all over the world were asked to take part  on www.untamed-installation.com and upload their extraordinary views from their personal Instagram photo stream in sets of three. The idea behind this: the #Untamed Score showed how distinctive the style of the user’s photos was compared to those of others.

Mercedes-Benz collates these extraordinary views in #Untamed. A digital photo installation of a special kind.After the premier in Paris in April 2013, here and now the most outstanding photos  are transported into an urban loft space,

but completely restaged: white, neutral. A constant with endless individual perspectives in which the white is then revived by real word sceneries and imaginary space-expanding illusions, inspired by the users’ Instagram photos.

Find out more about the installation here.