Maurice Sendak's Little Known Posters Are Wild

December 06, 2013

Maurice Sendak, who has given joy to the ages with his wonderful Wild Things books, also created posters for plays, book fairs, art events and Broadway shows, many of them including his brilliant Wild Things. We were verklempt when we saw this article about his little-known posters! In the book that holds them all, Sendak writes in the intro: “Posters and other occasional pieces make up a very small part of my picture-making but, paradoxically, I have a disproportionate affection for these easy images. Why ‘easy?’ They came easy. They were painted in rare moments of relaxation. Often, they were the happy summing up of conglomerate emotions and ideas that had previously been distilled into picture books and theatrical productions. Simply, they were fun to do.”

via Brain Pickings