Matthew Barney x Barry X Ball Dual-Dual Portrait @ Nathalie Obadia, Paris

May 18, 2012

Barry X Ball, who has been working in reinterpreting classic sculpture for over 30 years, just had aninstallation at Nathalie Obadia in Paris, called Matthew Barney / Barry X Ball Dual-Dual Portrait. The room featured a "a Janus-like double portrait of Barry X Ball and fellow artist Matthew Barney," carved in stone, staring at each other in a gold and black color scheme.

As Barry X Ball says of the work, "I have chosen to work primarily stone because it’s a déclassé material, because of its proven permanence, because of its glorious history as a sculpture material, because it resists my every effort to control it, because its timeless nature contrasts with the of-the-moment high-tech means I utilize to shape it, because it is a challenge to make something of it more beautiful than it is in its natural state."

As the gallery notes, "Matthew Barney / Barry X Ball Dual-Dual Portrait is the sixth and last piece in a series of installations dedicated to the famous American artist, intitiated in june 2000, when Matthew Barney was invited by Barry X Ball to pose for him. Although all of Ball’s heads have been carved from stone, his portrait project has gone through many formal and conceptual changes, since its inception : the completed works vary greatly in form, scale, and materials. The Matthew Barney installations are the largest, most-complex portrait sculptures Barry X Ball has realized."

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