Mark Mulroney "Spring Time Pictures" @ Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood, London

May 02, 2012

If we are having a lucky month, we will get a little something special in the mail from NY-based artist, Mark Mulroney. Just little droplets of abstraction from an artist we featured in the July 2011 issue. Mr. Mulroney will be dropping little bits of comic abstraction at Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood, London, this May 3 in a new exhibition called Spring Time Pictures.

A quick little back and forth between gallery and artist:

There's a degree of abstraction in your work, can you talk about the form and Abstraction of objects and how you use them?

I use what I need. Sometimes that is something recognizable to ground a picture in a specific environment and sometimes that is just a blob of color to provide contrast and depth in a picture. I don’t make a point of abstracting or not, it all comes about intuitively as I decide what the picture requires.


Your attitude to colour?

Generally I like to keep the palette minimal or mostly warm or cool colors and then use one color that runs against all that to give the picture a bit of tension.

Mark Mulroney
Spring Time Pictures
May 3—26, 2012
Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood
London, England