Mario Wagner: Process for "Memory Palace" @ Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Jun 18, 2013 - Oct 20, 2013V & A Museum, London

Mario Wagner: Process for "Memory Palace" @ Victoria & Albert Museum, London

This summer, the V&A will be staging a multi-dimensional exhibition experience, 
Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace, presenting an original work of fiction by author Hari Kunzru, transformed into a walk-in story by leading graphic designers, typographers and illustrators. Juxtapoz featured artist, Mario Wagner, is one of the artists involved, and let us into the process of making his piece for the Memory Palace show. 

The project is the second to be selected as part of the Sky Arts Ignition Series, a funding initiative which will see Sky Arts partner with six leading arts organisations to invest directly in the creation of new, pioneering art works, events and performances.

Twenty international practitioners have been asked to interpret a different passage of Kunzru's text to create an immersive experience of specially commissioned works that collectively tell the story. The exhibition will explore the way in which words and images interact and how stories are told and re-told from different viewpoints. Visitors will be able to walk through the installation and read the story as well as experience the relationship between the page and exhibition space.

Hari Kunzru said: “Immediately after I was approached by the curators of what has become 'Memory Palace' I realised that this was an extraordinary opportunity and a very unusual project. There are very few venues to explore the connections between literature, art and design. There's a kind of 'silo' effect, where people specialise, and dig into their own field, losing sight of what everyone else is up to, the terms in which they think about making art. This exhibition is a way of breaking out. I can't wait to see it installed.“

The graphic designers, typographers and illustrators have all been paired with specific book extracts from the text which visualise the world of the prisoner, the series of interrogations between him and his captor and the memory fragments he is tasked to remember.

An accompanying programme featuring the exhibition will be broadcast on Sky Arts. The exhibition takes place in the V&A's Porter Gallery.

The V&A is open daily 10:00 until 17:45 and until 22:00 on Fridays

The full list of practitioners are:
Âbäke, Peter Bil'ak, Alexis Deacon, Oded Ezer, Francesco Franchi, Isabel Greenberg, Hansje van Halem, Jim Kay, Johnny Kelly, Erik Kessels, Na Kim, Stuart Kolakovic, Frank Laws, Le Gun, Luke Pearson, Stefanie Posavec, Némo Tral, Henning Wagenbreth, Mario Wagner and Sam Winston