Marc Quinn: "Planet" @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

January 24, 2013

Recently, we did a walk down memory lane at Marc Quinn's incredible Planet bronze and steel sculpture,  displayed at the Beyond Limits exhibition in the gardens of Chatsworth House in the UK in 2008 (above). Last week, we did a walk down 90 degrees near the equator in Singapore's Gardens By The Bay complex and saw the installation process of ... guess what... Marc Quinn's Planet sculpture. The sculpture was donated for permanent display at the Gardens by the Bay. Quinn said of the piece, "To me, Planet is a paradox - hugely heavy, yet the bronze appears weightless; overwhelmingly big, yet also an image of vulnerability. It is both a reflection of ourselves and the earth upon which we live.”

What an install of a permanent piece looks like... and yes, that is Noah's Ark behind it... photos by Evan Pricco.