Check this out: You can get a US postal worker to come to your dwelling, pick up a letter, send it anywhere in the USA and have it hand delivered it to somebody else’s home/apartment/duplex/condo for only fifty-five cents. And, to me, that is pure insanity. What else can you get for fifty-five cents right now? Maybe two gumballs, a Homies figurine, a wacky sticky hand or a temporary tattoo? But a USPS First Class stamp is still under a dollar in the year 2020, and I think right now may be the most important time in recent history to take advantage of that fact. 


At the time of this writing, much of the world is under orders to shelter at home and social distance due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, with our current technology, it’s very easy to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. And that’s great. But after spending day after day glued to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, how nice is it to get a piece of cool correspondence in the mail—something not made of pixels? If you haven’t received any mail other than bills recently, you probably have no idea. So trust me; it’s amazing and very mood-lifting. 

I urge everybody reading this to take a few minutes to send a friend or family member something in a stamped envelope in the immediate future. It can be whatever—a little drawing, a collage, a thoughtful note, a photo with some kind words written on the back, a silly poem, a favorite recipe, some glitter, a cool leaf, a magic potion, a naughty joke, an old Garbage Pail Kids sticker, a two-dollar bill, something cool you found under a couch cushion, a Xerox of your buttcheeks. Don’t tell the person that you’re sending them something—let it be a surprise. We may be apart for now, but for fifty-five cents we can share a cool, personal non-digital moment together. And that can be priceless to somebody who is having a hard time during this unprecedented moment in history. Mail some love, y’all. Hope to see you on the other side. —Michael Sieben

Note: You can buy stamps online. You don’t have to break quarantine to make this happen.