Lucy McLauchlan: New Prints and Solo Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

Mar 22, 2013 - Apr 07, 2013Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Juxtapoz friend and Birmingham, UK-based fine artist Lucy McLauchlan will be opening a new exhibition, Holding onto Fragments of Past Memories, at Triumph Gallery in Moscow, Russia on March 22, 2013. And if you can't make it to Russia, Lucy just released 4 new prints via The Outsiders in the UK. Which, depending on your location, could be a lot farther and/or closer. You get that Google Map program out and get yourself sorted. 

For the show at Triumph, work of which you see above, Lucy " will present a series of masks made from found objects, as well as painted works that reference primitive art. A street atmosphere will be created by large-scale paintings on the wall of the gallery, with elements from installations formed from rubbish artefacts collected by Lucy in Moscow. Two video films will show the artist’s working process on various surfaces."

As for the prints (one above here), McLauchlan released each woodcut in editions of 25, and as the Outsiders put it, "Whilst the woodcut process suits Lucy's naturalistic work, we'd remind you that it's not just a traditional process employed for the sake of it. Woodcuts keep their colours embedded in the paper for longer than modern-day processes, and can last for centuries. The prints are made on tactile Japanese papers and look fantastic in the real."

Go get the prints here. 

Lucy McLauchlan
Holding Onto Fragments of Past Memories
March 22—April 7, 2013
Triumph Gallery
Moscow, Russia