The Hunters Moon Ritual: New Prints and a Video From Lucien Shapiro

December 02, 2013

Lucien Shapiro, whose must-read interview was featured in the December 2013 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine (on newsstands now!), recently released two new prints and a video titled "The Hunters Moon Ritual." Additionally, Lucien's work will be on display at the Select Art Fair for Art Basel this week so make sure you head over and check it out!

Excerpt from our interview with Lucien:

"His work has developed and matured into something productively different and distinct, relatable and relevant, futuristic but somehow very archaic. It shows evidence of a human touch. Lucien's work has all the essential ingredients for success and has recently attracted attention from a widely varied audience." - Austin McManus

Your earlier work was primarily figurative. I remember those demonic looking characters! What influenced your transition to creating the type of objects you are currently making?

I feel like it was a natural progression, although it may not look that way. I was repetitively making work with no overall goal except to improve skills with figurative forms of fantasy. Instead of bottle caps and baggies, it was hair and bones. A few particular changes in my life defined where the work was going. Ultimately, I wanted to create urban artifacts, bits and pieces from our culture that most people can relate to and have probably touched, used, or seen. The weapons were made because I believe I subconsciously wanted to protect myself. The vessels made to cleanse, intoxicate, and collect. Most important are the masks, which are a way to cover the faces of those that were not honest enough to do what they needed in life, myself included. When worn, a mask can be something to hide behind or create a ritual with, but when hung on a wall it is a hollow shell. Which is, at times, how I view people. Hollow, filthy, and scared but also beautiful and ready for life. Without a word from pursed lips, a mask can tell an entire story.