No doubt we are living in the future, but is it the place we imagined ourselves growing up into when we were young? The science fiction of our youth has become the uneasy world we live in. It’s getting harder to remember whether the latest fad actually happened, or was just a memory from a movie we watched when we were six. Can I get a personal pizza delivered by drone?

Will something I’m wearing alert me when my nephew is born? Technology is amazing, but with answers to every question we could ever ask in our pockets, it’s getting harder to find an experience that feels unscripted. Like getting lost, alone, in a city you’ve never visited before. 

San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery and painter Scott Listfield have collected a group of artists exploring these lost moments. They depict strange but familiar places, with a murky sense of time. The scenes in their paintings might take place in the distant past or in a somewhat hazy but recognizable future, filled with an odd cast of characters and settings – astronauts, robots, icebergs, lava floes, explosions, and dinosaurs. LOST MOMENTS: Scott Listfield & Friends features work by Rebecca Chaperon, Nora Sturges, Simon Stålenhag, Hollis Brown Thornton, and Wiley Wallace alongside a group of new paintings by Scott Listfield.

Lost Moments: Scott Listfield & Friends
Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco

June 28th - July 26th, 2014
Opening recepiton: Saturday, June 28th, 8-10:30pm