On our first day in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference we did what we always do, hit the streets to see what all the artists are working on. We started by riding a bike around to check everything out, but quickly abandoned the sweltering humidity combined with a whole lot of sweat and jumped at the opportunity to ride in a nice air-conditioned automobile to scope everything (Thanks Ben!). We caught up with Other, Fintan Magee, Low Bros, Caroline Caldwell, Mac Stewert, Hense (done), San, Faith Macclure, Moneyless (done) and Jonathan Welsh. Can you guess where our night ended? In true Atlanta tradition we could be found holding down the Clermont Lounge late into the night. Check back tomorrow for more updates!

Check out locations of murals and additional information at livingwallsatl.com and even more up to date news on their Instagram