Support New Film on Female Street Artists

As avid supporters of women in street art, we were excited to find this forthcoming documentary, License to Paint, about five diverse female street artists. The documentary, by filmmakers Pam Glennon and Theresa Norton, will reveal in-depth looks at the work and lives of artists Christina Angelina of Los Angeles, INDIE184 of New York, Shamsia Hassani of Kabul, Alice Pasquini of Rome, and ZINA of Norway.

The documentary follows the artists as they approach and complete challenging projects and will incorporate their stories about battling the law, raising families, facing competitive quarrels, and meeting life-changing struggles. Looking at artists across the globe will inform a complex understanding of the challenges female street artists face as well as celebrating the successes they find. The documentary is a vital step in the process of broadening media representations of street artists by portraying more women making work in this male-driven industry.

The documentary is currently raising funding so you can pre-order copies of the film by donating to their Kickstarter fundraiser.


Post by Rachel Cassandra.