Levi's® Sends Fans on a Journey of Self-Exploration with #MakeOurMark Social Projects

October 14, 2013

Our mission statement, since Day 1, has always been to document and honor those who created artwork outside the lines, against the norm, from the underground, all for the sake of their most devoted of followers. Twenty years and hundreds of magazines later, the mission remains the same: to take the energy of the creative communities, no matter their medium or focus, and tell a contemporary story of visual expression.

Levi’s® has undertaken a similar mission, and has a long history of fostering artists who challenge our very notion of what art itself is. Most recently, the company did so by supporting the transcontinental public art project Station to Station. Organized by artist Doug Aitken, the Station to Station project brought together the creative worlds of art, music, literature, film, and food during a series of performances, happenings, and interventions on and around a moving, kinetic light sculpture. As the train made its last stop here in the Bay Area, Juxtapoz attended the grand finale of festivities held at Oakland’s historic 16th Street Station. We saw Twin Shadow perform in the abandoned Main Hall, a beautiful time capsule of early 20th century architecture designed by Jarvis Hunt. Crowds surrounded one of our favorites, Evan Holm’s Submerged Turntables, throughout the evening, and lined up to investigate Urs Fischer’s fog-filled yurt. As Sun Araw and The Congos, Savages, No Age, and others performed on the main stage, attendees weaved in and out of the Main Hall, Levi’s® Makers tents, and enjoyed sculptures by Liz Glynn, Ernesto Neto, and Kenneth Anger. In the end, the host of artworks embodied the overall creative spirit and journey, and offered a great conclusion to the cross-country tour.

Station to Station may have concluded, but Levi’s® is dedicated to keeping this mission of artistic expression moving. After all, creativity needs soul mates, needs discussion, needs nurturing. Most importantly, it needs a group of people to help set the agenda, together.

Levi’s® has gathered a team of leading creative visionaries to craft the #MakeOurMark forum. With the help of designer Cedric Kiefer, creative advertising guru Rei Inamoto, Google Labs’ Justin Windle, web artist David Kraftsow, and others, Levi’s® is providing fans from across the globe with the opportunity to share and explore their ambitions, artistic identities, and hopes for the future through a series of social projects. But to know what we want, we must first know who we are. Our origins. Our passions. Our methods. Our destinations. This is how we make our mark.

So, how will you make yours?

To get the creative juices flowing, Levi’s® has posed four fundamental yet crucial questions: Who are you? What Moves you? What’s your approach? What’s your dream? Those who want to take part in the #MakeOurMark forum are invited to respond to each question in a variety of ways, from posting a photo or video on Twitter or Instagram using custom hashtags to adding a track to customized SoundCloud group. Becoming a part of this multi-faceted digital art project is that easy, and anyone who wants to can take part by visiting levi.com/makeourmark.

To view the work of artists and creative minds who have already joined the discussion, and to make your mark on it as well, be sure to visit levi.com/makeourmark. #MakeOurMark

By: Levi's Station to Station

Photos: Juxtapoz, Ye Rin Mok, Mara McKevitt, and Bryan Doyle