Lettering Pays Tribute to 26 of the Greatest Scientific Innovations

May 20, 2014

We will be the first to admit that our knowledge of science is minimal, perhaps thats why we work for an art magazine. Or maybe America doesn't have the best track record for teaching it's students math and science. Either way, we wish we remembered more from our science classes and are glad Neil Degrasse Tyson is around to drop late-night Netflix science knowledge on us. This project from Delhi-based student Khyati Trehan aims to explore scientific diagrams and take form integration to more complex territories. It looks at experimenting with typography, lettering and illustration, paying tribute to the history of science.

"Since making the perfect match between the letter and the diagram was such a task, choosing the invention or the discovery was hardly upto me but dependant on what I could find (double coincidence of wants). I couldn't find appropriate diagrams that looked like the letters they needed to be morphed into for P, X and Q."

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