Lee Kwang-Ho's Paintings of Cacti

June 23, 2015

Lee Kwang-Ho is one of Korea’s most prominent realist artists. He displays his technical and pictorial mastery with the ability to meticulously combine elements of the real and the abstract. Lee’s early works were inspired by Pop Art, influenced by the Renaissance perspective, and Surrealism, and have now developed into his own unique and personal interpretation of modern realism. A thorough investigation of his works provides the viewer an opportunity to fully appreciate the depth and versatility of Lee’s artistry and vision.

Lee Kwang-Ho’s most recent works on view can be seen as an extension of his previous projects such as Inter-View, in which Lee attempted to reproduce the memories of one hundred models that the artist personally knew by conducting extensive interviews with each of them. In creating the new Cactus and Landscape series, Lee has experimented with various techniques such as scratching, rubbing of the paintbrush, and tapping on the canvas whilst enlarging the subject to its extreme to make the cactus seem like a type of abstraction. As a result, the small cacti can appear animal-like, rouse a unique phallic aura, and be reminiscent of a monument or even a model from the Inter-View series.

via kukje gallery