LAX/TXL is a curated pop-up exhibit and mural project from Thinkspace presented as a part of Project M/4 with Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany. LAX/TXL features 16x16 inch works from Andrew Schoultz, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory, Christine Wu, Aaron Nagel, Dabs Myla, Dalek, and more...

"Thinkspace has teamed up with Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany to present ‘LAX / TXL’. This special pop-up group exhibition has been curated by Thinkspace to further introduce our roster to the Millenium City. Featuring new works from over 60 artists from around the world alongside a massive mural from Dabs Myla and window installations from ten leading New Contemporary artists, this special exhibition and project will kick off on the evening of Saturday, May 17th with a celebration from 8PM until Midnight at the Urban Nation production offices."

"With this special exhibit we aim to shed light on the burgeoning New Contemporary Art Movement that was birthed in Los Angeles and continues to spread out the world over, gaining momentum and winning over new devotees at an astounding rate. With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture imagery, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people. Come discover your new favorite artist and find out why Thinkspace is regarded as one of the torch bearers of the New Contemporary Art Movement."

'LAX / TXL' features 16×16 inch (40.5x40.5cm) works from:
Aaron Nagel
Adam Caldwell
Alex Yanes
Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla)
Allison Sommers
Amy Sol
Andrew Hem
Andrew Schoultz
Anthony Clarkson
Ariel DeAndrea
Bec Winnel
Brendan Monroe
Brett Amory
Brian Mashburn
Brian M. Viveros
Camilla d’Errico
Carl Cashman
Christine Wu
Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
Dabs Myla
Dave MacDowell
David Cooley
Derek Gores
Erica Rose Levine
Erik Jones
Fernando Chamarelli
Frank Gonzales
Glenn Arthur
Glenn Barr
James Marshall (aka Dalek)
Jeff Ramirez
Jeremy Hush
Joanne Nam
Jolene Lai
Keita Morimoto
Kelly Vivanco
Kevin Peterson
Kikyz 1313
Kyungyup Kwon
Linnea Strid
Luke Chueh
Mari Inukai
Mike Egan
Paul Barnes
Paul Romano
Pixel Pancho
Rodrigo Luff
Ryan Hewett
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Sarah Joncas
Seth Armstrong
So Youn Lee
Word To Mother
Yoskay Yamamoto
Yosuke Ueno

Plus a massive full building mural from Dabs Myla as part of my curation of Project M/4

Project M/4 will showcase massive window murals from:
Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla)
Andrew Shoultz
Fernando Chamarelli
Glenn Barr
Joao Ruas
Low Bros
Word To Mother

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