Laura Letinsky @ MCA Chicago

February 23, 2012

Laura Letinsky is known for her carefully crafted still life photos. These recent works from the series Ill Form and Void Full depict minimal messes compiling idealistic printed images of food and dining utensils as well as actual decaying remains of fruits, flowers, and dirty dishes. Together the components blur the line between what is a printed image and what is an object, also indicating that the printed image within the photograph is an object as well. The large fields of white also reveal subtleties that range from bright white, to off-white, to grey exposing the fragility of what is white; the color white has many faces and its ideal is not necessarily attainable, which is mirrored in the tension between the ideal printed images of food juxtaposed with the decay and detritus of the organic remains in the same frame.

images via:http://dailyserving.com/2012/02/ill-form-and-void-full-new-work-by-laura-letinsky-at-mca-chicago/#more-23930